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About Lorenz Bell

Lorenz Bell is a company specialising in the development, production and marketing of office and IT products.

Lorenz Bell’s core business activity essentially revolves around the Connecting range of products, which consists essentially of PC cables and supplies.
The IT cables and supplies, consists of USB cables and adapters, including the most recent 3.0 version. HDMI cables and adapters for digital video transmission. Video cables, including VGA and DVI. Power cables for computers, laptops and other peripherals. Network cables for data transmission. Macintosh compatible cables and more.

Besides the cables and adapters, Lorenz Bell offers the PERFECT IMAGE range of products, which includes a comprehensive selection of printing support materials for use in the SOHO market. All PERFECT IMAGEproducts are perfectly adapted to be used with software developed by Lorenz Bell for each product group, and serve a wide variety of functions and utilities. 

Using raw materials from the most renowned sources in paper production (Germany, Portugal and Finland), Lorenz Bell is committed to developing and presenting ever more innovative and easy-to-use products, enlarging its range in existing areas and always searching for whatever new avenues of utility may be inaugurated by ever developing technology. 

Lorenz Bell products are to be found in all modern distribution chains, specialised IT outlets, office suppliers and at all points of sale maintaining an IT department.